Currently in tears.....stunning is all I can say...actually I’m speechless


Just a quick note to say thank you....great take a beautiful photo!!!

The light was so gorgeous that afternoon. Take care & thank you again for the wonderful photos...truly a treat to have such lovely mementos


We have received the photos today and we are extremely happy with the results!

We cannot express just how pleased we are with the results and are glad we chose you for the job – we only have that moment in time to capture exactly what is happening, and you have been able to do a fantastic job!

Thankyou so much once again, and who knows we may need to contact you again for more photos in the future (if we are lucky enough!)


OMG!  Squeals of joy - love your work, Kylie!


We have the photos you took all over the house Kylie and everyone says how great they are and ask who the photographer was! Wish we could have some more done now Ryder is older, maybe when we come back to Australia :)


OMG - these are fabulous - thank you so much - no work for me today!!